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Our Baby Sleeps Through The Night


Our Baby Sleeps Through the Night

Our Baby can Sleep Through the Night

Do mums suffer to get their babies to sleep through the night?

“When did your baby sleep through the night?” I hear you say.  Well, we have two little babas, complete opposites in most behaviors.

Because I'm so interested in baby sleep, I recently polled 20 regular moms to find out when their babies started sleeping through the night.

When people knew I had a newborn they noticed that I tended to laugh at myself. But they don't know the vigilance and hard work it took to make sure my baby can sleep well", but it's hard to tell because my husband and I have worked to create a healthy to help our child succeed to sleep through the night.

How I Helped My Babies Sleep Through The Night

1.)Make and stick to a schedule for bedtime.

There are many books on this, such 'sleeping through the night' that help parents and teach them how to make schedules for help, to learn their babies how they sleep well through the night, and help their infants not wake in the middle of the night, think about (Babywise, Ferber, or Baby Whisperer).

Find a book with everything you need to know about your new baby, that you feel most comfortable with The majority of them follow the same tips, sleep, wake, and eat.

Can babies stick to schedules? guess what, Babies themselves stick to schedules while in the womb sleep, eat, wake up!

It's best to keep sticking to the new strategies to lay a solid foundation at first, sleeping especially at night for 6 months of your newborn age, but once everyone joins the program, be a little flexible about your family and babies' needs.

 Learn when your baby is tired is not necessary to stick to the schedule.


When you observe signs of fatigue, avoid overstimulation. Bright lighting, sibling embraces, and even eye contact are all examples of this.

If you are following a program and notice your baby is overtired much earlier than expected, give her a little catnap and try to get back to routine later.

2.) Make bedtime at night different from nap time.

From day one when we took our child home from the hospital, we made sure to train the baby that bedtime through the night was different than sleeping through during the day.

during the day put your baby in the TV Rock--Play, or in the living room, the baby can sleep with the music, and the newborn is not stuffed.

At night in the nursery in his crib to help him sleep, the lighting is gloomy black, and the child is stuffed if you have other babies don't let them in around playing or talking next to, when their brother is asleep at night. Thus, the baby will learn that sleeping during the night is completely different from sleeping during the day.

Don't worry if your waking time is really short or even non-existent at first!


 That the baby sleeps on his bed in his room at night.

 When we brought the baby home, we were thrilled. He slept next to our bed at Rock-N-Play at night. He w  waking cry every two or three hours to eat at night or All day long, but most of the time he was sleeping enough.

 It is best for babies to training sleep in their room at night before they are a month old and this is what Babywise recommends, So we did this Experiment for 3.5 weeks, We put the baby down to sleep at 11 night. I wake up around 4:30 am to his screaming.

Tiny babies do not spend much time awake, Make the most of it because it won't last long. This only becomes an issue if your infant is awake for hours at night and has few or no awake times during the day. If this is the case, your kid may have days and nights confused.

3.)The baby gets full meals, not snacks.

During the day the infant was scheduled to eat, he would do so each time for at least 30 minutes. This was really difficult.


Breastfeeding didn't come naturally to my baby or me, It took more than 3 weeks. Once he wasing hungry and satisfied, the baby was sleeping 5 minutes after feeding.

 I solved this, stripped him of his nappy to nurse him, and then put a cool wet washcloth on his back so he wouldn't sleep while feeding (this went on for 2 months). If the infant gets full from his good meals during the day, he may get.

Keep an eye on the time to remember when you last fed your kid. As previously said, there are numerous applications for keeping track of breastfeeding and all things infant.

People who say "No!" should be ignored. A sleeping baby cannot be disturbed!" (This was difficult for me at first, especially at night, but I eventually gained the confidence to ignore this particular comment!)

4.)Start Following the simple program milk.

 Dream Feed to help baby sleep through the night

 Don't underestimate the power of Dream Feed Our last nutrition session is at 7 in the evening at Rock-N-Play, then the baby goes to sleep at 8:30 pm. 

By this time the sun goes down and he does not go into a deep sleep Between 10:30 and 11-night  and sleep time comes .dont get him to sleep late after that. 


If your baby is too drowsy to feed, try taking off some garments, wiping them with a moist cloth, going to a brighter area, blowing on them, or anything else you can think of to wake them up. If it falls asleep halfway nurse,  Change the nappy, or repeat the aforementioned!

I might try to pet him to rouse him awake so he can eat.

Our Baby Sleeps Through the Night


to encourage good sleep habit


  • let in sunlight
  • change baby out of pajamas
  • Skin-to-skin contact
  • Give baby a really good feeding
  • get a good burp
  • Encourage baby to poop
  • playtime


  • watch for signs of sleepiness
  • put the baby in their own bed
  • Sleepy, but not asleep
  • keep the curtains open
  • make noise
  • wake up baby after two hours
  • repeat throughout the day


  • Dim the lights
  • feed, burp, poop
  •  Gentle playtime
  • bath And massage 
  • Change into  Pajamas
  • feed 1/2 hour before sleep
  • put the baby in their own bed


  • do not turn On the lights
  • keep baby dressed sleep
  • No stimulation
  • feed quickly
  • burp  gently
  • Change quickly if needed
  • return the baby to the crib

This is a way our baby sleeps through the night and goes to sleep and starts to sleep at bedtime. I can't say for sure that I'm an expert, but I succeeded in this experiment, and my baby become sleep through the night. 

This is a way our baby sleeps through the night. I can't say for sure that I'm an expert, but I succeeded in this experiment, and my baby become sleep through the night. 

Mistakes that prevent your child from sleeping through the night some tips for solving them.

  •  The room is too hot or too cold at night.

This is one of the reasons why your baby cannot sleep at night, and this reason is often ignored. The air temperature may affect the baby's sleep and he or she cannot sleep.

Newborn sleeping bags are the best for your infant, it will keep him warm and safe while he is asleep, you should never put a blanket in your baby's bed that will get tangled or suffocate. If you don't have an air conditioner, get some summer clothes for your baby. 

  •  putting baby to bed when they’re already asleep.

This is the most important and best way for your baby to sleep at night. This is a little difficult, but do not ignore this way. 

You may think it's cool to let your babies sleep in your arms! I always do a few times when my baby is sick I want him to know that my mom is here to calm me down and make me feel better, but the fact is that the child needs sleep training and you have to start this routine from the age of one week for your baby.

  •  Too much stimulation before bed at night.

 one of the baby sleep tips, Creating a quiet environment before bedtime.

 I usually have a TV show or music on in the background. I like that. But the best way before an hour the sleep to reduce all of that stimulation sing songs, read books, or just walk around and snuggling. Not making bedtime a priority. Your infant requires a consistent sleep routine!

Don’t do that

“I’m a cool mom. when my babies are ready they will go to sleep. There’s no pressure“.Your baby wants consistency at bedtime to sleep. 

A regular bedtime plan is also a gentle technique to "sleep train" your kid. It tells them that I'm meant to sleep when mother and dad do A, B, and C. Once your babies understand that association, when nighttime comes will be a breeze! 

The habit will be so established in the heads of your babies that you'll notice they need to sleep when the night comes.

Are you making these baby sleep mistakes?

let me tell you The good news, it’s easy to fix that as long as you follow a consistent program for sleeping. Once everyone is on Team Sleep (including your baby), Check how much your baby is sleeping, and adjust as necessary.


Like the previous one, keep an eye on the time and disregard those who say, "No! You can't wake asleep infant!"

A sleep and eating routine may be the way to go if you want something more regimented. This will ensure that your newborn does not sleep too much during the day AND that baby drinks enough milk throughout the day (as per step #3).

My babies and I both enjoyed sticking to a program! There are numerous advantages for the infant, the mother, and the entire family.

Our Baby Sleeps Through the Night

It is necessary to know how many hours a child needs to sleep during the 24 hours

Babies sleep needs

Babies 0-2 months age

  • 8-9 hours of sleep through the night
  • 7-9 hours day sleep (3-5 naps)
  • 17-20 hours total sleep time

2 months -4 months age

  • 9-10 hours  sleeping through the night
  • 4-5 hours dy sleep (3-4 naps)
  • 14-16 hrs total sleep time

4 months -6 months age

  • 10 hrs of  sleeping through the night
  • 4-5 hrs dy sleep (2-3 naps)
  • 14-15 hrs total sleep time

6 months -9 months age

  • 10-11 hrs  sleeping through the night
  • 3-4 hrs dy sleep (2 naps)
  • 14 hrs total sleep time

9 months -12 months age

  • 10-12 hrs sleeping through the night
  • 2-3 hrs dy sleep (2 naps)
  • 14 hrs total sleep time

This is my personal experience and that of my husband about schedule sleep for the babies at night. This is our first infant and we are new parents. 

We should change a few things when our baby gets older, but when a baby has difficulty napping during key developmental milestones, he stays asleep all night. 

But the most important thing is That the infant gets enough sleep comfortably and well at night or during day , and this is very beneficial for the health of his growing body.

Disclaimer: all babies are different from each other but even more so, every marriage is unique. It's not hard to make a sleep plan to get your babies to sleep through the night, and I am determined to adhere to the plan, even if the tactics must alter.I hope this post on baby sleep tips through the night was helpful to you! While you’re here.

I'm not a sleep 'expert' at night in the traditional sense, and I'm not medically trained, but after a few weeks of interrupted sleep at night with a newborn infant, a lot of reading and testing about sleep at night, some lucky discoveries from friends, and A LOT of perseverance, I feel very well skilled!

I've heard horrible stories about loving mothers being accused of babies abuse because they placed their babies on a routine. As a result of this, The comments area will be limited to persons who are really interested in making this method work for them, as well as other positive comments. Any nasty or judgemental comments will be removed immediately.